Farewell to Arms Tournament 5/19 12pm


May 19th (Sunday) 12pm-6pm. Pair A Dice Games, Vista.
$20.00 buy-in.

This is the last tournament I will be running in Southern California for quite some time. As a send off for us and salute to all of you players, we present the Farewell to Arms Tournament.

35 points, modified deathclock. 3 rounds ONLY, so tiebreakers matter!

The twist: prior to the tournament start, by vote of the players, one caster from WarMachine and one from Hordes will be disallowed from play for the whole event.
Each round after that, a new vote will be taken and two additional casters will be removed from play.

When you register, you must declare your faction and the list will be posted and the players will vote on the initial casters to be removed from play.

As our gift to all the players in Southern California who have supported us and have helped build a tremendous community over the past several years: we offer 2 beautiful swords as first and second place prizes!!!