2/9 Battle at the Castle of the Keys: WM/Hordes Casual Play Event

Whispers of an ancient evil has arisen near the Castle of the Keys, located in the Bloodstone Marches. An athanc, the heart-stone of a dragon, long hidden, has been found and is now protected by cultists of the Devourer Wurm. Marshall your forces and battle for the right to wield the athanc’s power for your faction!

Buy in: $10.00

Registration: 10:30am
Dice Drops: 11am
Event Ends: 6pm

Point Level: the event can be played at either 35 points or 50 points, so be prepared with a list at each point level. The lists must be within the same faction.

Questions: Gail (aka PG Ashlan 760-681-7200)